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Meley's Lair

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 03:57 PM

Meley's Lair




The group that participates at this run must distroy the 4 Dragon Statues in a time frame and many progressive steps.
The guild members marked as ''combatants'' and the lider can initiate and begin the Lair of Meley (the guild must be at least level 3+ and the entrance will cost you 600 rank points).
A maximum number of 16 members of the guild, members of any level can enter the run. Choosing "Restart in City" after you've died in the dungeon, you will be teleported to it's entrance, besides the NPC Dragon Watcer Dolnarr.
The time that you have available to finish the run is 3 hours.
A guild can enter once every 24h after finishing the last run.
Dragon watcher dolnarr  85px-Gard%C4%83_Dragon_Dolnarr.png you can find him in the Fire Realm  5KZbiPw.png
Dragon watcher dolnarr 85px-Gard%C4%83_Dragon_Dolnarr.pngallows you to enter Meley's dungeon iaVCDKZ.png
To enter, you must first activate the Guild mode( esc - game options).5QGtBAo.png
Presentation of the lair::Meley%27s_Lair_Map.png
First step:
Bring the Dragon StatuesOmSbxYU.pngat 15.000.000 hp.
Second step: 
After reaching that hp, the Meley Eggs will show, gvnyAMr.png. These are 4. You will also have to kill the bosses on this level, these are
Suplimentary information: 
Dragon Statues:
These can be found in a number of 4 in the dungeon.
You can't make any more damage when the statues have a glowing gold aura around them or when are one or more  Dragon Eggs.
When there a few points of life left, it must be destroyed with  Dragon Fire Ring.
Meley, the Dragon Queen receives damage as long as the life of these statues lowers.
Dragon Egg.
There are always 4 Eggs.
You can't produce damage to the Dragon Statues as long as these Dragon Eggs are in the dungeon.
Step 3:
Once the metin stones are destroyed (Meley egggvnyAMr.png , you have to bring the Dragon Statues OmSbxYU.png hp down to 10.000.000
Once the hp is that low, the 4 eggs will appear again. In the meanwhile, the mobs will drop Meley Ring Inel_Focul_Dragonului.png
NOTE: Besides Meley's ring, the mobs will also drop 1 JD Vouchers
Meley Ring: 
The ring has a duration of 30 minutes until it disappears.
Every character can use it once.
The ring disappears after being used.
After you finished with the mobs and eggs, you'll have to lower the hp of the Dragon Statue to 2.000.000
Once all the statues are at that hp, you have 10 seconds to put the Meley Ring on these statues.. Inel_Focul_Dragonului.png
Once the rings are placed, the statues will dissappear and instead of them, a chest will appear, called Meley Reward.
By clicking on this chest you have the posibility of choosing two of these chests:
1. The Chest of Queen Meley Cuf%C4%83r_Regina_Meley.png
2. The Dragon Chest Cuf%C4%83r_Gard%C4%83_Dragon.png
These chests have the following drops: 
2. Cos cu oua de paste  jPkYfvS.png  x 3  
3. Sigiliu fulg de nea  Sigiliu_Fulg_de_Nea.png x 1  
4. Sigiliu clopotel de nea  Sigiliu_Clopo%C8%9Bel_de_Nea.png x1  
5. Leoprd pui  Sigiliu_Leopard_Pui.png x 1 
6. Sigiliu cooper  Sigiliu_Cooper.png x 1  
7. Sigiliu driade x 1
8. sigiliu P1nGu1n  MIdGYmO.png x 1  
9. Voucher 1 JD  1ErPX47.png x 4  
10.Piatra Nemere  0ux7do5.png  x 1  
11. Inel[VIP]  QCnrZq1.png x 1  
12.Inel schimbare nume  aOLSkmY.png x1  
13. Inel schimbare rasa AYmgmYT.png  x1
14. Inel conducere x1   
15. Binecuvantare dragon  zuuKXMu.png x200   
16. Freza Halloween Silver  Fanged_Helmet_(Silver).png x 1  
17. Costum Halloween Silver  Fanged_Costume_(Silver).png x 1 
18. Costum Ramadan Alb costum_radaman.png  x1   
19. Freza Raman Alba  turban_radaman.png x1   
20. Costum zombie M / F  Zombie_Costume.png x 1   
21. Alaska VIP   EM441tJ.png
22. Alaska VIP 3 3Ut8x7X.png  / Alaska vip 2 maPPjiv.png  
23. Cufar inger bun Cuf%C4%83r_de_S%C4%83rb%C4%83toare.png x5 
24. Cufarul Lui P1nGu1n  Cuf%C4%83r_Furtun%C4%83_de_Nisip.png x4  
25. Cutie Craciun Misterios  iAivRPP.png x9 
26. Un baston x 1 
27. Upgrade curea 1 / 2 / 3  x1
Fasole_Dragon_Roz.png   Fasole_Dragon_Albastr%C4%83.png  Fasole_Dragon_Verde.png
28. Curea avansat. Cureaua_Sufletului.png
29. Curea anti sura / ninja / saman / war +6  
Curea_De_Turmalin%C4%83.png    Curea_de_Lux.png   Cureaua_Marelui_Urs.png  Curea_din_Rune.png  


Translated by Selmeea.

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