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Posted 10 November 2016 - 06:54 AM

1. Use English properly (use full words, periods etc)
2. Answer concretely! No offtopic, no short messages, not useful or are already posted!
*OFF-TOPIC is mostly seen in forum discussions.
The discussion outside of an previous subject, that has nothing to do with what's talked about : ''like a parenthesis''.
3. Use of words or register with harmful/obscene will end up in restricting the access, deleting of the account etc.
4. Discuss the idea, nu the person!
5. Any pornografic character is forbidden.
6. It's foridden to ask for hacks.
7. Any type of advertising is forbidden. Messages that contain any kind of advertismet will be modify and the author will be sanctioned with a warning
8. The name of the topic must reflect the discussion, otherwise the topic will end up in the Recycle bin
9. Double post, triple post = adding a message one after the other in a forum discussion by the same person is FORBIDDEN. Exception: if there is a 24h interval since the last message and the one you want to post.
10. A moderator/administrator has the right to ban anyone they wish, on the forum, if they consider that the person is unusefull for the forum, or, why not, even for the society. The administrators are always right and you don't need to respond the warning messages. If you will answer stupidly, you will be banned.
3 warnings = 15 days ban.
Second time you will receive 3 warnings, your account will be banned for 30 days.
Third time you receive 3 warnings, your account will be permanently banned.
You can receive more sanctions for the same topic, in the case that you've broken the same rule more times until receiving a warning, you will be sanctioned with 1 point.
Private messages (PM)
Abuse of these, of any nature, by offending or advertising is punished by the gravity of the situation.
1. Any signature/avatar must not contain any links to other sites or games, any type of advertising, since is not allowed. 
2. Any insult brought to a staff member is sanctioned with permanent BAN
3. Any subject that doesn't receive a message within 30 days will be closed and sent to the Recycle bin.
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