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Posted 07 November 2016 - 07:51 PM

1. Character names
1.1 The name of the characters must not be offensive, inappropriate, racist, extremist or vulgar.
1.2 The players that claim to be part of Metin2Alaska Team will be banned without any warning.
1.3 On characters names will be used ONLY latin characters.
1.4 Characters with names like IIIIIIIIIIIII or lllllllllllll are forbidden.
2. General naming
2.1 Shops, guild or any other thing that can contain a name must be according to point '' 1. Character names''
3. General behavior
3.1 The official language of Metin2Alaska is romanian. Since 10.10.2016, our server became international, allowing people to select and change the language as they desire. Supported languages: Romanian, English, Polski, Portugese, German, Spanish, Tukish. You can speak your own language with your friends but you must adress the staff members in English (or in [DE] since we have a propper DE staff member.)
3.2 You must keep a decent and civilized behavior. If you are insulted, threatened or you receive unwanted messages from another player, we ask you to fill in a report on our forum. (In the complaints section)
3.3 Reaching out to a Game Master, in the case that this is repetitive, can be punished by blocking your chat, the period being determined by the Game Master.
3.4 In the discussions with a Staff Mmember, keep at least a minimum of respect and decency. Don't start the discussion with ''we''/''wa''/''bruh''/''man'' etc. Start the conversation with a simple ''Hi''/''Hello''/''Good ____''. You can also adress your questions DIRECTLY, without waiting for a reply to your hello, or you can ask if you can ask a question.
3.5 It can be sanctioned, by case:
- Use of OBSCENE words or using a VULGAR language.
- Using slangs for swear words ''Fk you'', ''GFYS'', ''STFU'' etc will be followed by blocking the chat.
- Use of words and expressions were some letters are replaced by other signs (Ex. "*", "!", "@" etc) but the meaning can still be understood will be sanctioned with blocking the chat or temporary or permanent ban. Example: "Go f**k yourself you b@st@rd!"
- Offering information and questions about methods that are used for breaking the rules (cheats, codes, hacks etc).
- Racist, Homofob, Xenofob, are not allowed and are considered great abuse that show your education, and can lead to permanent ban.
- Wars for points can and will be sanctioned. Arranged wars, where one of the guilds enters with one/two characters, not properly equipped,  that don't fight back (don't attack), the only purpose being that making points for the other guild.
3.5 Any GM that is informed by a war like this and requested to assist a war, has the right to sanction both parties according to the rules.
3.6 The creation or use of bugs in a war by inviting/firing members while on war will be sanctioned as the list below:
*The reports for arranged wars must contain a video evidence.
*The reports about inviting/firing members while on war must contain one or more clear screen shots.
* First strike: - ban the leader 24 hours 
* Second strike: - ban the leader 72 hours.
* Third strike : - permanent ban for the leader.
4. The use of bugs.
4.1 If you discover a new bug, raport it to a Game Master. It's not allowed to use it in your advantage and breaking this rule can and will lead to banning the account.
5. Cheating.
5.1 Any other program used to connect to Metin2Alaska servers besides those who are from metin2alaska.ro are forbidden. Modifying these programs of connection is not allowed.
5.2 Decrypting and hacking the client of connection or any other information that belongs to the server is strictly forbidden.
5.3 Tries of cheating any member of the Metin2Alaska team about your donations will be marked as cheating and will be sanctioned with the permanent ban of your accounts.
6. Accounts.
6.1 Your account is your responsibility to assure that the account datas are safe. Sharing these data with anyone else means losing credibility to your complaints in the case of losing your account or the items on the account. Metin2Alaska Team will NEVER ask for your login data (username, password).
    *** Precautions ***
    - DON'T share with ANYNE your username and password.
    - DO NOT store your password in a file type *.doc *.txt on your computer. In the event of infestation with keylogger these will be lost. We will try to find the account where the items are stored, but that doesn't mean you will receive them all, just a part of them.
    - DO NOT accept files, pictures, cheats, codes, etc from people you don't know! There's the possibility that they might be contaminated with viruses, keyloggers, trojans, worms, etc.
    - IT'S NOT THE GMs or ADMINs (SGA, GA etc) FAULT that your ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ''HACKED'' and there's nothing we can do, because 90% of the cases, you share your password with a third party.
7. Game team
CM - Chat Moderator 
GM - Game Master
SGM - Super Game Master
GA - Game Administrator 
SGA - Super Game Administrator
TS - Site Engineer / Server
Own - Owner
7.1 The members of the staff are people who maintain the necessary parameters to have a pleasant gameplay. Insults addressed to them will lead to certain sanctions, depending on the gravity of the actions.
8.1 Cheating players by trade in front of a staff member.
8.2 The offer of cheats, hacks of any nature (the players are bound to print screen and post on the forum any offer of this kind).
8.3 Insults addressed to any Staff member of Metin2Alaska.
8.4 Claiming to be any staff member (see point 1)
8.5 The post of images, videos that have offensive character and/or denigrating someone, that make reference or bring the personal life of any player or staff member on Metin2Alaska is sanctioned by deleting the post and a warrning/temporary ban/permanent ban;
8.6 Any kind of advertising on Metin2Alaska's chat; We are aware that we cannot forbid these trades, but you must aknowlege that you are not allowed to write any kind of name of other servers in the chat. (In the case that the trade doesn't work as planned, we cannot help you retrive your items; You are 100% responsible in the way you manage your items.)
8.7 The use of any kind of hack will be sanctioned by permanent ban/IP ban (the only allowed cheat is fishbot, but we won't give you one that works, you have to find it)
8.8 The creation of a shop only for the purpose of ''reserving'' a spot will end up in the deletion of the shop.
8.9 The creation of shops with an offensive character will end up in the deletion of the shop + blocking the chat of the author.
8.10 It is forbidden to open chests in Map1/Map2 (in such a form that your inventory is full and they will drop with your name on them).
First strike - 24 hours ban
Second strike - 72 hours ban
Third strike - permanent ban
8.11 PvP is not allowed in Map Farm  (lvl 50-95) or map Tanaka. Even tho there is a protection, you still manage to make PvP. The sanctions offered are the same as at point 8.10.
8.12 It's forbidden to sell/buy items with real money, the exception being when the money end up as a donation towards Metin2Alaska, the trade being made ONLY with a member of the staff present.
8.13 It's forbidden to sell/buy paysafe codes in the game. These will be donated on the site, and in exchange you will receive Vouchers with the donated value for later sale.
*** NOTE ***
b. - you will be helped ONCE for a steal of over 10kk kk. If you will be stolen again, you will not be helped. We don't take responsibility for other websites that use our name unlawfully. Please be cautious of these sites because they are used to steal your accounts.
c. - The events hosted by Metin2Alaska will be posted EXCLUSIVELY on our official website/grups, don't get tricked by other private messages/sites that say we are hosting an event because they are made with the purpose of stealing your accounts. 
These rules can be changed or added on when a situation ask for it, with or without announcing it previously on the game or as news on our website.
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