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Posted 07 November 2016 - 07:41 PM

As you know, we are not responsible for the way you manage your items, that is 100% your responsibility but, to lower the rate of the ''complaints'', we decided to add a new rule to help you somehow, in some cases. Below we will present you these cases, and these are the only cases that you will get support on, once. That means, that if you have been stolen once, and we helped, the second time we won't do it again.
1. Your account has been hacked, and the person who hacked it has no connection with you, by this we mean that you haven't offered your login data! So, if your significant other has your password, you fight, and they login on your account and drop/ share your items with the server, we won't help, no matter how sad and angry you want to seem to be.
    6.1 Your account is your responsibility to assure that the account datas are safe. Sharing these data with anyone else means losing credibility to your complaints in the case of losing your account or the items on the account. Metin2Alaska Team will NEVER ask for your login data (username, password).
    *** Precautions ***
    - DON'T share with ANYNE your username and password.
    - DO NOT store your password in a file type *.doc *.txt on your computer. In the event of infestation with keylogger these will be lost. We will try to find the account where the items are stored, but that doesn't mean you will receive them all, just a part of them.
    - DO NOT accept files, pictures, cheats, codes, etc from people you don't know! There's the possibility that they might be contaminated with viruses, keyloggers, trojans, worms, etc.
    - IT'S NOT THE GMs or ADMINs (SGA, GA etc) FAULT that your ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ''HACKED'' and there's nothing we can do, because 90% of the cases, you share your password with a third party.
2. If you have been cheated/stolen by people you have loaned items with a value higher than 10kk kk! ATTENTION! JUST 10KK KK! Don't come to us if you have been stoled by something that isn't higher than this ammount!
3. In the case of clones you won't be helped. The level appears on the trade window so there's not such a thing as : I wasn't paying attention.
4. In the case that you have stolen, and at your turn, you stole, you won't be helped. To wrap it up, if you have a bad reputation, you won't be helped.

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