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[GUIDE] Full PvM sets and ways of making yang.

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Posted 06 November 2016 - 09:21 PM

 I thought of making this 2 tutorials in one to offer you some informations about farming. 
 ❤️ Because a bunch of you ar asking, a full PvM set has got to have:
-Weapon : 59pgm, 10% half human, 20% devil, 20% vampire.
-Armour : 3,5kpv, 15 arrows, 50 attack .
-Necklace : 3,5kpv 15 arrows, 10 critical , 20% chance of exp .
-Shoes : 3,5kpv 15 arrows, 10 critical , 20% chance of exp.
-Shielf : imun, 20% devil, 20% vampire, 15% chance of blocking a corporal attack / 20% chance of exp .
-Helmet : 20% devil, 20% vampire, 8 otravă, 30% regeneration pv.
-Earings : 10% half human, 15% arrows, 20% devil, 20% vampire.
-Bracelate : 3,5kpv,  20% devil, 20% vampire, 10% striking .
-Freză de Paște : 10% half human,  10% strong against monsters.
a ) For leveling up  : Costum înger (M/F) :  15% block of a corporal attack ,  15% reflection of a corporal attack.
b ) For farming : Costum de Paște portocaliu : 3.000 pv,  10% strong against monsters.    
For farming, my advice is to use the Warrior character- Corporal fight (aura warrior)
  ❤️You can make lovele from a lot of things. Here are some ideas that might help:
 1. Item bonus: Bonus a lvl 54 item (accessory), 61 (shield), 65 (weapon) or 66-70 (armour) full 5/5 and you can sell them.
 2. Farm in Farm Map: Make an account of lvl 80-95 with a poison sword with high PGM and farm at metin stones where smaralds, lingouri, safire and costume can be dropped.
 3. DT Run: Go in Demon Tower and up to 9th floor, kill the Ingerii cu coasa and you can either sell or open their chests (having the chance of getting costumes, lingouri or items for upgrade).
 4. Farm at the metin stones in Map Alaska: Break the metin stones and they can drop smaralde, safire, lingouri or cufere CL.
 5. Farm at the dragons: Killing the two dragons (The one in Map Alaska [Beran Satou] and the one in Tara lu' P1nguin) you have the chance of dropping pietre beran, smaralde, safire, upgrade items, curele +0
 6. Farm at Razador: The chance of dropping upgrade curea, curele +3/4, rare pets.
 7. Item trading: Go in every map with shops and every CH looking for items (you can find cases where some put the price wrong), buy items on a lower price and sell them with a expensive one. At the market's price or even a couple of kkk +
❤️ Hope this will be usefull ! :wub:


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