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Posted 06 November 2016 - 09:05 PM

DT = Demon Tower alias Turnul Demonilor
● First floor
Objective: Destroy Metinul Puterii
Details: Metinul Tăriei has respawns once every 3 hours.
 Metin_of_Toughness.jpg ➤ Metinul Puterii
● Second floor
Objective: Clearing of the room.
Details: Killing ALL the monsters. 
Attention: Starting with this level, al monsters are AGGRESIVE mode.
● Third floor
Objective: Clearing of the room.
Details: Killing of ALL the monsters, including the Demon King (rege demon)
Demon_King.png➤The King has a drop too, this is:  

 2x Safir /Şansă 60%
 2x Smarald /Şansă 60%
 2x Gheaţă neagră /Şansă 60%
 2x Balanţa dragonului /Şansă 60%  
 2x Mască sumbră de lemn /Şansă 60%
 2x Seva plantei /Şansă 60%
 2x Cristal de apă /Şansă 60%
 20x Cufere clar de lună /Şansă 60%
 2x Loz de loterie /Şansă 60%
 2x Ghearele dragonului /Şansă 60%
 1x Obsidian /Şansă 60%
 2x Esenţă de mosc /Şansă 60%
 20x Fotbal /Şansă 50%
 1x Lingou aur 1kkk /Şansă 40%
 20x Însemnele liderilor /Şansă 30%
 1x Piatra sufletului liderilor /Şansă 30%
 10x Medalia eroului /Şansă 50%
 2x Cristal /Şansă 60%
 2x Bijuterie rea voinţă /Şansă 60%
 2x Lacrimile lui Dio /Şansă 60%
 20x Dovleac /Şansă 50%
 10x Binecuvântarea vieţii /Şansă 20%
 1x Lingou aur 1.5kkk /Şansă 6%
 1x Lingou aur 1kkk /Şansă 10%
 1x Lingou argint 500kk /Şansă 15%
 10x Binecuvântarea dragon /Şansă 20%
● Forth floor
Objective: The elimination of the right Metin stone.
Details: First you have to destroy the Devil's metin (Metinul diavolului), then you have to destroy the others until finding the right one which will send you to the floor number 5.
Metin_of_Devil.jpg ➤ Metinul Diavolului
●Fifth floor
Objective: Opening the 5 towers.
Details: On this floor there are 5 towers. Every shift of monsters, except form the first, will offer 1 key, the keys will be used to open every and each tower (the player who will have the key has to drag it on one of the towers). You have 20 minutes to open all the towers.
Advice: Kill every single monster, every time.
3.jpeg ➤ Turnul
● Sixth floor
Objective: Slaying the Demon King (demon rege). 
Details: You can kill all monsters, but the most important is the Demon King. After completion of this task the blacksmith will appear!
247px-Blacksmith.png ➤ Fierarul
● Seventh floor
Objective 1: Destroying Death's metins (Metinele mortii)
Details: You have to anihilate the 4 metin stones.
Metin_of_Death.jpg ➤ Metinul Morţii
Objective 2: Harta Zin San Gui Zin.jpg
Details:  After you destroyed the last Death metin, the room will fill with monsters and a Crime metin (metin al crimei) will appear. When destroyed, it will drop Lada de fier necunoscuta  Unbekannte_alte_kiste.jpgfrom which will drop different maps.You have to open the chests until you'll drop the  Harta Zin San Gui  Zin.jpg . It's posible that the chest not to drop anything, which means that this was a fake. Once the map is dropped, right click on it to go to the next level. 
●Eight floor
Objective: Key drop Zin Bong In  Zinkey.jpg
Details: Here you have to kill the mobs until the Zin key drops. Once dropped, go at the Totem and drag the key to it. There is another key, named Bong In, but this is fake, and doesn't do anything.
● Ninth floor
Objective: Killing the Death Reaper (Ingerul cu Coasa)
Details: This is the last floor. It's your choise if you wish to kill all the monsters or only the Reaper. On our server there are two Reapers.
The Reaper has a certain drop:

 1x Cufărul îngerului bun /Şansă 500%
 1x Cureaua Anti-Şaman+2/3   /Şansă 8%
 1x Cureaua Anti-Sura+2/3   /Şansă 8%
 1x Cureaua Anti-Ninja+2/3   /Şansă 8%
 1x Cureaua Anti-Războinic+2/3   /Şansă 8%
Cufărul îngerului bun can drop one of this items: 
Grim_Reaper.jpg Îngerul cu coasă

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