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[GUIDE] Reborn

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Posted 06 November 2016 - 08:48 PM

At level 110 you'll recieve a new mission that you can either accept or refuse! Ater you accept this mission, you'll be given level 1 again.
First time you'll reach the great level 110, you'll recieve a quest in the Mission list called ''Reborn I''. I'm sure you wonder what can be done within this quest. Well, once accepted the quest, you will recieve level 1 and rank reborn I. Don't freak out, your items will stay on you until you teleport or log out. In the case that you teleport or log out, the items will no longer be available to wear, due to the difference of level, a logical thing afterall (How can you wear an aromour of lvl 110 when you're lvl 90? EXAMPLE!!).
Another IMPORTANT thing!!! In the moment of teleport/ log out, the items with a level bigger than yours will automatically be put in your inventory! Be carefull to have enough space or else you'll lose them. In case you don't have enough space, they will fall (with your name on them, of course, and you have time to pick them up but BE CAREFULL!!). 
For Reborn II is the same metod, same goes for PvP. 
At Master rank thought, there's different. At this reborn you can ONLY level up from the Metin stones. At this reborn, at level 1, you'll recieve exp from the stones of level max 70. Therefore, Tara lu' P1nGu1n is the maximum accepted map to recieve exp. Until lvl 50 you'll level up there, then go in Farm map (Mapa de farmat). For lvl 80 go in map Beta and for lvl 100+ go in Map Alaska.
Of course, you won't do the reborns only for the RANK! After accepting those missions you'll recieve your well deserved permanent bonuses. Those are:
Reborn I - 15% devil and 8% vampiree
Reborn II - immune to unknowingly, 10% critical and 10% striking 
PvP - 10 half human, 15 block of corporal attack and 10 race attack.
Master - 11 race defence.


シImmune to unknowingly recieved at reborn II isn't 100% effective, reason why is more OK to have immune on your shields as well.
シThe rank you have (Reborn, Reborn I and Reborn II) is reseted once every log out/teleport/ once every 5 minute. That means if you use a fruct, you will no longer have +2k how you'd think. Only the rank PvP/Master stays exactly as you keep it! If you lose it you can remake it with 

             ★ fructe fruct.png dropabile din mingi/dovleci
             ★ orc şef orc_ef.jpg prezent în Valea Seungryong orc_ef_loca_ie.jpg
             ★ conducător întunecat cond_intunecat.pngand conducător spirit întunecat cond_spirit_ntunecat.png present in the Templelocalizare_cond_negru.jpg.

シIn case you accept BY MISTAKE this quest, we cannot give you back your previous lvl (110) and reborn, so you have to pay attention
シ In case you lose your items due to logging out or teleporting is not our fault! You have to have space in your inventory and to aknowlege the fact that it's IMPOSSIBLE to wear items of a level much bigger than yours! You will not recieve the items you have lost!
シ Biologul can only be done once, even if you do the reborns!
This topic is for informative purposes only. In the case I've mistaken something, please draw my attention and I'll modify. It's based on the knowledge I have and I'm aware I can be wrong.

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