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Event Halloween

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Posted 06 November 2016 - 08:00 PM






Jack O'Pumpkin is the name of the pumpkin that lights the houses for Halloween night. The story had as a main character, a man named "Greedy Jack". [/background]

He drank with the Devil and how he didn't want to pay for the drinks, he convinced the Devil to transform himself in a gold coin so he can pay. But Jack kept the coin and placed in his pocket next to a sliver coin, that made it impossible for the Devil to come back to his original state. 
Jack free him eventually, with the promise that he won't bother Jack for a year, and if the case that he dies, he won't claim his soul. In the following year, Jack summoned the Devil and asked him to climb a tree to bring him an apple. In the meantime, Jack carved in the bark of the tree the sign of the cross and the Devil couldn't get down from the tree until he promised Jack he won't bother him for 10 years.

Shortly after, Jack died and God didn't let him in into Heaven. Neither did the Devil in hell, just as they agreed, so he didn't claim his soul and he threw him out, in the night, only with a lit coal that will light his way. Jack put the coal in a pumpkin and since then, he travels the world.



During the event, all the metin stones will drop:Dovleac_de_Haloween.png (Dovleac de Halloween).
You have to gather at least 100x Dovleac_de_Haloween.png( Dovleac de Halloween) , to bring them to Jack Pumpkin 
In exchange for the 100 x Dovleac_de_Haloween.png ( Dovleac de Halloween) you will recieve 1 x EObgA91.png( Dovleac de Aur)
EObgA91.png(Dovleac de Aur) This can get you: 

Sigiliu_Clopo%C8%9Bel_de_Nea.png - Sigiliu Clopotel de Nea

Sigiliu_Fulg_de_Nea.png - Sigiliu Fulg de Nea

Sigiliu_Coad%C4%83_de_M%C4%83tur%C4%83.p- Sigiuliu coada de matura

Sigiliu_Leopard_Pui.png- Sigiliu Leopar / Pantera

Sigiliu_Cooper.png - Sigiliu Cooper

QCnrZq1.png - Inel VIP      - Rare drop

AYmgmYT.png - Inel schimbare rasa

aOLSkmY.png- Inel schimbare nume 

zuuKXMu.png - 100 x Full

jMFk9CV.png- 50 x lingou

0ux7do5.png- 1 x piatra Nemere     - Rare drop

jPkYfvS.png - 3 x Cos cu Oua

MIdGYmO.png- Pet P1nGu1n         - Rare drop

1ErPX47.png -  5 x Banuti de 50 Bani

Fanged_Helmet_(Silver).png- Freza Halloween Silver m / F

Bonusuri:  Strong against half humans 10 %    /   Strong against monsters 10 %

Fanged_Costume_(Silver).png - Costum Halloween Silver M / F

Bonusuri: Strong against half humans 10 %    /   Strong against monsters 10 %


costum_radaman.png - Costum Ramadan Alb M / F


Bonuses: Strong against vampires 20 %      /  Strong against the devil 20 %


turban_radaman.png - Freza Ramadan Alba M / F

Bonusesi: Strong against vampires 20 %      /  Strong against the devil 20 %



Zombie_Costume.png - Costum Zombie M / F     - Rare drop

3Ut8x7X.png - Costum Alaska 2 M / F     - Rare drop

maPPjiv.png - Costum Alaka Vip 3 M / F    - Rare drop

EM441tJ.png - Costum Alaska Vip M / F    - Rare drop

Good luck with farming!






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